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I'm just sharing what's worked for me in the past. Of course, it is possible to get rid of- frown lines with discipline, but your experience will change depending on the specific reasons.

 The good news is that depending on why you have 11's between Eyes you may not need all the steps I followed.

First, determine the "depth" of the 11 lines. Is this a psychological, physiological, or purely aesthetic problem?

Relaxing the muscles between the eyebrows, known as the glabellar zone, is one of our most popular- procedures. 

These muscles are stimulated- when a person is restless, anxious, or in the spotlight but often appear as an expression of anger.

 Excessive active contraction of these muscles can be irritating rather than disturbing, as well as causing deep vertical wrinkles (called "11 's") and headaches.

Neuromodulator injection (Dysport®) softens the appearance of the five muscles in this area. 

Without the distracting display of anger, eye and other facial movements indicate anxiety and concentration.

The brow procerus is the muscle midway between the inner and lower eyebrows. 

There are two wavy muscles on either side that pull inward- and at the same time direct the eyebrows and forehead down. 

Because each person's anatomy is unique, it is necessary to work with injectors that carefully assess muscle area and activity before determining individual injection plans and doses.

Is it possible to merely treat this area?

Is it possible to merely treat this area?

These areas can often be treated- on their own, but depending on the shape of the wrinkles, we may consider treating other fields as well.

 You can imagine_ that if you had wrinkles on each side of your face and then smoothed only one spot, it would not look natural. 

Young people with a genetic predisposition to deep- wrinkles in this area can usually only treat this area because there are commonly no wrinkles around.

If you want to apply forehead wrinkles, but dark wrinkles are not your job, we might suggest that you do it again. 

The reason is to maintain balance by lifting and pulling the facial muscles.

 If only the forehead treats- the descent of the brow line will be disturbed, resulting in heavy brows or an angry look.

Why do I have frown lines?

 Your skin loses its elasticity with age and is less likely to return to its original shape.

Other factors that cause wrinkles,


Your DNA decides whether you have active skin that can delay the appearance of lines or skin that is more prone to lines and wrinkles.


Ultraviolet rays from the sun damage the elastin and collagen in the skin and make you more prone to wrinkles.

Repetitive expression.

If you do facial expressions frequently (such as grimacing, smiling, frowning, or grimacing), you can develop grimace lines.


It can cause facial tension_ which can also lead to repetitive facial expressions and wrinkles.


Smoking or smoking repeatedly can create dark lines around the mouth. Smoking narrows blood vessels and makes wrinkles and lines, resulting in less oxygen in the tissues.

Dysport for 11's

Sometimes called the line of concern is the eyebrow line or the vertical line that appears between the 11 eyebrows. They result from the compression of the forehead muscles during grimacing. The appearance of these lines depends on family history or constant compression of the forehead muscles.

The good news is that the lines can disappear for months, regardless of the cause of the Dysport injections.

The number of Dysport units needed depends on this

"Depth and dimension" is composed of 11 lines. Some people choose Dysport injections to relax these 11 for psychological or purely cosmetic reasons.

Relaxation of the eyebrow muscle, known as the glabella zone, is one of the most popular procedures.

Note that these lines (11) are noticeable when muscles are stimulated - when the person is restless, anxious, or in the center of attention, but often appear as an expression and cause deep vertical wrinkles (called "11") and headaches.

Because each person's anatomy is unique, the initial or final result will be different for each individual.

A person usually needs 30-60 Dysport units to look natural and can last up to 4 to 6 months.

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