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Lose 10 Pound to 30 Pounds in a month with  

HCG Diet for Rapid Weight Loss

HCG Injections for Rapid Weight Loss

HCG injections when injected under the skin and consumed 500 to 800 calories diet

can produce 1 to 2 pounds of wright loss every day. The homeopathic HCG drops does not produce such rapid weight loss.

HCG injections are a popular way for rapid weight loss as the 500 to 800 calories daily diet helps create the caloric deficit fast. (3500 calories deficit equals 1 pound of weight loss).

HCG  injections produce rapid weight loss by elevating hormone levels in the body including Testosterone , which stupps muscle loss increasing caloric use.  HCG when injected under the skin creates an anabolic state ( built up of muscles) , curb appetite and help break down  fat cells and convert them into vitamins releasing  in the blood stream to give added energy.

** For additional energy weekly B 12 injections are recommended 

** For additional appetite suppression  daily Phentermine 37.5 mg pills are recommended.

A diet less than 1200 calories should only be used under medical supervision.

A rapid weight loss can some times create gallbladder stones.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) injections:

Control your appetite (support a 500-1000 calorie diet).

Increase your metabolic rate while you rest. (This is an easy exercise.)

Increase energy by turning fats into nutrients.

It prevents you from gaining muscle mass during your diet.

The level of hormones in the body, especially testosterone increases

Create an anabolic environment (muscle strengthening).

Get out of the catabolic state (muscle breakdown).

HCG puts the body in an anabolic- state and promotes muscle growth and fat loss. HCG helps your body burn unwanted fat instead of muscle- when you are hungry because of your calorie restriction. It ensures that most of the weight lost during the diet is fat.

The hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) produce by the body during pregnancy and is considered natural.

HCG suppresses appetite, increases metabolism, maintains muscle mass, and converts fats into energy when injected into the body. Every 3,500 calorie deficiency causes weight loss.

When LVH injects, it sends a signal to the hypothalamus, causing the accumulated fat to be released into the bloodstream, increasing energy and supporting hunger.



The inclusion of Phentermine 37.5mg in the HCG diet helps regulate hunger, as the HCG diet requires 500 calories per day.

We offer weekly B12 injections to save energy when caloric intake is low.

Although the FDA does not approve HCG for weight loss, doctors may prescribe it for off-label use.

People have been successful with HCG, and it is known- in the weight loss community as "rapid weight loss."

Although obesity has become a global epidemic, especially in the United States, HCG injections are becoming an increasingly popular way_ to achieve rapid weight loss.

The HCG diet recommends a 500-calorie diet for 28 to 43 days To lose weight fast.

It is possible to determine how much you will lose: you will lose one kilogram for every 3500 fewer calories you consume.

Any diet containing less than 800/1000 calories per day should be supervised by a doctor or healthcare professional.

Patients new to the HCG diet can also ask their doctor if they qualify for an FDA-approved diet pill to help them follow their diet.

37.5 mg phentermine for better apatite control.

The HCG diet plan includes a variety of 500-calorie diets, which are given- at the time of the HCG injection. (Low-carb vegetables that can be included- in a 500-calorie HCG diet include spinach, lettuce, chicory, beets, lettuce, tomatoes, celery, dill, onions, radishes, cucumbers, asparagus, and cabbage. )

Low-protein snacks, sugar-free drinks like tea and coffee, and fruits like oranges, apples, and strawberries are good choices.

We also recommend that you have at least four.

Along with this diet, vitamin B12 injections can help with metabolism and energy.

The Benefits of rapid

The Benefits Of HCG

The Benefits Of HCG

Weight loss will be accompanied- by a decrease in cholesterol, Better blood pressure, better sleep, and less joint pain. Not to mention the increased confidence when you see the results!

Weight loss will be accompanied by a decrease in cholesterol, better blood pressure, better sleep, and less joint pain. Not to mention the increased confidence when you see the results!

The HCG diet is divided into three stages.


For two days, you are injected with HCG and given a high-fat,

high-calorie diet,

Lose weight:

Over the next 3-4 weeks, you will continue to receive injections and follow a 500-calorie diet.


Stop taking HCG and increase your food intake, but avoid sugar and carbohydrates for a few weeks.

NOTE: Is it healthy to lose 1 to 2 pounds a day with HCG?

According to weight loss studies, weight loss with HCG comes from fatty tissue rather than lean muscle. 

As a result, weight loss is mainly due to unhealthy fats. 

At the same time, the release of excessive amounts of nutrients stored in fat into the bloodstream is absorbed by the body which is deprived of vitamins and minerals from the diet.

Consequently, people on the HCG diet report that they feel good and look good during and after the diet. 


The FDA has not reviewed any product statements. These items aren't meant to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any ailment.

Helpful Hints:

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HCG Injections

Keep a diary. Write down your weight, height, and the foods you eat every day while taking HCG injections, Weigh yourself at the same time every day, Measure yourself once a week and on the same day.

Keep a diary. Write down your weight, height, and the foods you eat every day while taking HCG injections, Weigh yourself at the same time every day, Measure yourself once a week and on the same day. Sufficient rest (at least 6-8 hours). And at least 3 liters of water every day. Use our customer service, ask questions and contact us by phone or email.

Cost of HCG Injections. $480

HCG plans include:

HCG diet plan

10000 units Pregnyl vial (HCG)

1 Vial of mixing water

28 One CC syringes

1 three or Five CC syringe

28 Alcohol swabs


Recommended Add ons: 

30 Diet pills (Phentermine 37.5 Mg):  $200

4 Vitamin B12 injections (1cc syringe): $ 80

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