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Lip Flip

What Is Lip Flip?

Lip flip is a non-surgical procedure to improve the appearance of a larger lip. Botulinum toxin A, often known as Botox/Dysport, is injected into the upper lip to make it look bigger. It relaxes the muscles on the upper lip and makes the upper lip "rotate" slightly upwards. Although the technique shows a larger lip, it does not increase the size of the lip.

Lip twists can be especially effective for people with smiles that have many gum lines. Because the upper lip is less raised_ after lip flip, less chewing gum is- seen when a person smiles.

Lip Augmentation

How it works

Lip flip involves the injection of abobotulinum toxin A into the upper lip, such as Botox, Dysport. The orbicularis oris muscle, which helps shape and contour the lips should be relaxed. The injection causes the upper lip to relax and "float" outward, creating the appearance of long lips.

Lip flip is a quick process that takes less than two minutes. As a result, it may be a viable option for those, who are afraid of more intrusive procedures.

Botox or Dysport, is intentionally injected into the oris orbicularis muscle, the muscle that surrounds the mouth and regulates the movement of the mouth and lips, to relax the muscle

 fibers enough to restore rotation without compromising muscle function. Temporary ones, such as Lip Flips, Botox, or Dysport, last about 3-6 months. From a few days to a week, most customers see an improvement. 

The surgery is considered off-label, and the results may vary from patient to patient.

Difference between Lip Flip and lip filler?

Flipping is not the same as lip filler and does not work in the same way. If you want to lightly fill your upper lip_ and create the best smile, Lip Flip is the perfect solution. Lip fillers give volume to the upper or lower lips but do not freeze the muscles above the lips. Talk to one of our consultants to determine the best solution for you!

Lip Flip can be used- for various purposes.

Gives extra volume to the upper lip

Get rid of that sweet smile.

Want to choose a more natural look?

Lip care that doesn't bother you much

Cheaper procedure

There will be no rest.

Lip fillers can be used- for a variety of purposes, including:

Increase the size and volume of your upper and lower lips

Treatment of lines around the mouth

Shaped lips

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