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Islandia, NY 11749

Tel (631) 406-0026

Physician Directed Medical Weight Loss Programs

DEITIES MED SPA offers several physician directed medical Weight Loss programs at affordable prices designed for individual needs. 

Weight loss specialists at Deities Med Spa can help you lose stubborn weight and keep it off with  Detox and Cleanses , diet pills like Phentermine, Phendimetrazines, their combinations with Water pills, Metformin, Prozac, Topiramate. and B12 injections giving extra energy and improving metabolism.  The weight loss specialist help lose the Visceral fat, the fat that surrounds the organs with the help of special B12 injections like MicB12, MICC, Via-Complex and Lipo=Mino Mix.  For patients in the need for Rapid Weight Loss or Great Weight loss, Deities Med Spa has

 HCG Injections ( HCG Diet ) and AOD-9604

DEITIES MED SPA also offers Weight Loss through body contouring and muscle tone using radio frequency lasers such as CoolPas, TruSculp 3D, BTL Cellutone, EmSculpt (HIEMT PRO) and other safe nonsurgical procedures. 

Of course balanced diet, exercise and behavior modification are part of every weight loss program.

Why choose the DEITIES MED SPA​ Weight Loss Programs

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The DEITIES MED SPA Diet is designed to help you lose weight and build a healthy diet that you can maintain for the rest of your life. Focus on changing your daily routine by adopting and eliminating habits that affect your weight. Simple habits like eating more fruits and vegetables, not eating while watching TV, and exercising for 30 minutes a day can help you lose weight.

The DEITIES MED SPA Program is based on the latest science in behavior change and will help you discover your inner desire to lose weight, set realistic goals, and overcome failure.

You are a perfect fit for DEITIES MED SPA if you:

Want to join a program created by health professionals

Are looking for a diet tailored to your eating habits

Want professional advice on how to get rid of bad habits and replace them with good ones.

Want to feel better, improve your health and reduce your health risks

Don't want to count calories or exclude food groups

Want a program that you can continue for the rest of your life, not a fashion or quick fix.

How does it work?

The weight loss program developed by DEITIES MED SPA specialists is the DEITIES MED SPA diet. It is based on clinical experience and research.

This program encourages participants to eat healthy and delicious foods while increasing their physical activity. 

We emphasize changing your lifestyle and adopting new habits you enjoy and can continue to do.

This program is tailored to your specific needs, medical history, and food choices.

Diets start with a 2 week "Lose It!" Phase

This two-week phase is designed for you to start losing weight as soon as possible! Expect to lose 6-10 pounds (2.7-4.5 kg) healthily and safely. 

At this stage, you focus on weight-related lifestyle choices. You will learn to combine five good behaviors, eliminate five bad habits, and add five healthy habits as a bonus. 

This stage can help you feel rapid progress - a psychological boost - and you begin to practice important habits that will take you to the next stage of your program.

You have to live! phase 

This phase is the long-term approach to health. During this time you will learn about food selection portion sizes, meal planning, physical activity, exercise, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle! 

You should continue to lose 1 to 2 pounds (0.5 to 1 kilogram) per week until you reach your target weight. This step can also help maintain the desired weight for a lifetime.

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nutritious foods

DEITIES MED SPA simplifies healthy eating by teaching you how to calculate portion sizes and prepare meals. You don't have to be accurate to count the calories in your program. Instead, you will eat delicious foods that will satisfy you and help you lose weight.

What's an average daily menu?

DEITIES MED SPA offers five different diet styles in different caloric ranges.

 If you're on a diet, you're a vegetarian, or you prefer a Mediterranean diet, you'll find plenty of recipes that won't leave you hungry.

Example of a typical Mediterranean meal plan based on 1200 calories a day meals:

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with berries and pears.
  • Lunch: Tuscan white bean soup covered with pesto
  • Dinner: chicken in a skillet with broccoli, onions, and tomatoes
  • 1 cup sliced bell pepper and banana as a snack.

Increase physical activity

DEITIES MED SPA offers practical and realistic tips to incorporate more physical activity and training into your daily routine, as well as to develop strategies that suit you.

For additional health and weight loss benefits, the program recommends at least 30 minutes of physical activity or more  per day. 

Our plans include a fitness program that combines easy-to-follow walking and resistance exercises that will help you lose weight and improve your mental health.

 It also encourages people to move more during the day. For example, to use stairs instead of elevators.

Before beginning a new physical exercise program, consult your doctor or health care provider if you have been inactive or have a medical problem. Most people can start with 5- or 10-minute fitness sessions and gradually increase the time.

Diet and exercise are not enough? Don't worry! At Deities Med Spa we have additional ways that are available to help you to lose weight!


VITA0 COMPLEX  for Weight Loss
IV DRIPS for Weight Loss

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